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Discover the perfect stay for digital nomads: Accommodation at Patz Houz Hostel

the hostel that feels like home, home that feels like a hostel

If you're a digital nomad looking for unique accommodation full of advantages, check out our place! Hostel Patz Houz stands out as the ideal place for your stay, providing a welcoming and practical environment that meets your needs for work, rest and leisure. Discover all the advantages our hostel has to offer.

Monthly packages with exclusive amenities

At Patz Houz, the monthly accommodation is specially designed for digital nomads. As well as comfortable and spacious accommodations, the packages include the use of the washing machine along with detergent and fabric softener so that you have everything on hand and don't need to spend more than necessary at the market buying laundry supplies.

In the kitchen you'll find oil, olive oil, salt, and a variety of spices for preparing any meal of the day. Thinking about your economy so you won't need to buy many products, and also avoiding waste. It's not just a hostel, it's a practical and functional stay.

Complete Breakfast

Start your day in the best possible way with a complete and delicious breakfast. Breakfast at Patz Houz Hostel is an experience in itself, with a variety of options such as bread, tapioca, cold cuts, peanut butter, jams, natural juice, coffee, yogurt, and fresh fruits. Everything carefully prepared to energize your mornings and prepare you for a productive day.

Inspiring workspaces

If you need a peaceful and productive space to work, the hostel offers a coworking room with natural light and views of nature. Additionally, there are several spaces around the house where you can open up your computer and immerse yourself in your tasks. The environment is conducive to stimulating creativity and concentration, allowing you to have the best possible work and leisure routine on a daily basis.

Digital Nomads Community

One of the biggest advantages of staying at Patz Houz Hostel is the opportunity to connect with other digital nomads. Here, you'll find an environment that encourages collaboration and the sharing of experiences. Aligning work routines, physical exercise, home-cooked meals and moments of relaxation is simple when you're surrounded by people with similar goals. Take the opportunity to expand your networking and perhaps find work partners or lifelong friends.

Strategic location and relaxing environment

Patz Houz Hostel is strategically located just a 5-minute walk from the beach, in a peaceful environment that provides the perfect balance between work and leisure. At the same time, you'll be close to downtown of Barra da Lagoa, where you can find shops, restaurants and entertainment. The location makes it easy to explore the area while maintaining a serene environment for your daily activities.

Comfortable and friendly accommodations

The hostel rooms have been designed with long-term stays in mind. They are spacious, comfortable and have plenty of storage space to make you feel at home. And we can't forget about the 3 friendly and affectionate dogs that live in the hostel, adding an extra dose of comfort and company during your stay.

If you're a digital nomad looking for accommodation that offers much more than just a place to sleep, Patz Houz Hostel is the right choice. With convenient monthly packages, an inspiring workspace and a privileged location, you'll find a home away from home here. Come and enjoy a stay that combines productivity, comfort and relaxation in a unique way!

We look forward to seeing you here :)


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