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We arrived to live in Barra da Lagoa on December 25th, 2001, my mother, father, brother, myself and our two Saint Bernard puppies. This house had just been renovated for our family and we made the most of it!

New plans come about in life and in 2009 the family moved out, putting the house up for sale. Nine years later, I returned to Floripa after a season of work in São Paulo with the desire to change jobs and the idea of starting an Airbnb in the house.

So it was, in May 2018 I received the first guest, there were three private rooms. In December 2019, I transformed one of them into a shared female suite, and the summer season of 2020 worked very well in this configuration, until the pandemic hit.

Today, after more reconfigurations, I reopen the doors as a hostel, perfect for those seeking a peaceful and comfortable stay as if they were at home, but at the beach :)


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