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  • Where is The Hostel?
    We are located at Rua Manoel Pedro da Silveira, n°111 in the Barra da Lagoa neighborhood of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. Florianópolis is the capital of Santa Catarina, most of its territory is an island, but some neighborhoods are on the mainland. Barra da Lagoa is situated on the eastern part of the island.
  • How are the rooms?
    We have options for shared rooms with 4 and 6 beds, one of which is exclusively for women. And private room options: the private suite consists of a private bedroom and bathroom, while the private room shares a bathroom with guests from another room.
  • We have breakfast?
    Breakfast is included in all the rates we offer. We do not offer rates without breakfast.
  • Is there a parking?
    We don't have parking on the hostel property. There are always parking spaces available on the street and the area is safe. You can park right in front of the hostel at any time of day.
  • Pet friendly?
    We accept dogs with previous notice. Depending on the maximum number of guests with dogs during the period. Only neutered and sociable dogs will be accepted.
  • Is there a kitchen?
    We have two shared kitchens and a barbecue area. They are equipped with utensils and appliances to make any meal.
  • Internet included?
    Yes, we have wifi covering all areas of the hostel for the use of all guests.
  • Is there bedding?
    We have bedding, pillows, blankets and bath towels included for bookings in all accommodations.
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